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PEMF & the Immune System

Updated: May 31

The body's immune response to disease, especially infections, needs nitric oxide for various reasons, including its role in circulation and lymphatic drainage. PEMF therapy helps by increasing nitric oxide production, which is crucial for a healthy immune system and disease prevention.

PEMFs also affect white blood cells (WBCs) similarly to how they affect red blood cells. PEMF stimulation helps with "rolling adhesion," a part of the body's natural inflammatory response. This process allows WBCs to move through blood vessel walls to the site of injury or infection.

During rolling adhesion, WBCs stick to the inner wall of a blood vessel and roll along its surface, causing chemical changes that let them pass through the vessel wall into the target tissue. PEMF therapy improves this process by enhancing the adhesion properties of WBCs and increasing the permeability of blood vessel walls.

Additionally, free radicals can interfere with cell communication and mitochondrial function, weakening the immune system. PEMF therapy supports cell metabolism, helping the body better adapt to the presence of free radicals.

PEMF Supports Autophagy

Autophagy is the immune system's way of breaking down and recycling old or damaged cell parts. It’s like a clean-up process that helps keep cells healthy.

There's still not much research on how PEMFs affect autophagy because the science is new. However, a few studies suggest PEMFs might help maintain healthy cells.

In autophagy, cell parts that need to be broken down are exposed to special enzymes. This happens both when cells are injured and during their normal life cycles, allowing cells to reuse some of their components. Autophagy helps get rid of damaged parts and proteins, and its failure is linked to aging and cell damage.

During stress, autophagy helps cells survive, but sometimes it can also lead to cell death. It’s important for the positive effects of exercise and maintaining muscle function. Without proper autophagy, endurance and glucose metabolism during exercise can be affected.

Autophagy is the immune system's way of breaking down and recycling old or damaged cell parts. It’s like a clean-up process that helps keep cells healthy.

Autophagy is also key for immunity. It targets harmful bacteria inside cells. Autophagy decreases with age, which contributes to aging-related issues like arthritis and cancer. In joints, autophagy protects cartilage, but with age, it reduces, leading to cartilage damage.

In Alzheimer's disease (AD), autophagy is impaired, leading to the buildup of harmful proteins. Research using neuroblastoma cells, which are often used to study AD, found that PEMFs can boost autophagy, helping to remove damaged proteins and beta-amyloid cells, which are linked to AD.

Another study on mouse embryo fibroblast cells found that PEMFs increased autophagy markers. If PEMFs can enhance autophagy, they could help with aging-related conditions and cell damage. This shows how PEMFs might help maintain health and improve various health conditions.


PEMF therapy can enhance the immune system and support the process of autophagy. By increasing nitric oxide production, PEMF therapy improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, laying the foundation for a healthy immune system.

It also enhances the function of white blood cells, helping them move through tissues more effectively during the body's natural inflammatory response. Additionally, PEMF therapy supports cellular metabolism and helps combat the damaging effects of free radicals.

For autophagy, PEMF therapy aids in the breakdown and recycling of old or damaged cellular components, which is essential for maintaining cell health, protecting against diseases, and potentially slowing down the aging process.

Research shows that PEMFs can enhance autophagy markers and improve mitochondrial function, contributing to better overall health and resistance to conditions like Alzheimer's.


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