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PEMF & Nerves

In the 1970s, studies examining the effects of PEMFs on bone and soft tissue healing discovered an unexpected benefit: nerve function improvement. This led researchers to investigate PEMF therapy's direct impact on nerve regeneration.

Initial studies were conducted mainly on animals or in laboratory settings. In these controlled environments, researchers observed that even low-intensity PEMF stimulation significantly enhanced the growth of new nerves, a process known as nerve sprouting. Living animal studies further demonstrated that slightly higher intensity PEM signals accelerated nerve regeneration rates.

Research also revealed that PEMF signals could increase nerve growth factor (NGF) levels within the first seventy-two hours following a major nerve injury. Nerves play a crucial role in conducting electrical currents throughout the body, affecting muscle function, blood vessel dilation, sensory perception, and more.

Notably, nerves generate their own magnetic fields, especially evident in the brain, where neural activity creates dynamic magnetic effects crucial for inter-regional communication.

PEMF & Nerve Pain

Nerve function can be impaired due to various factors such as trauma, infection, metabolic changes, burns, radiation, autoimmune reactions, or toxicity, leading to neuropathic pain. PEMFs address the underlying causes of nerve damage and help alleviate overactive nerves associated with inflammation or irritation.

Research also suggests that PEMFs can slow down nerve firing, particularly in myelinated nerves, through the displacement of calcium ions across nerve cell membranes, showcasing how stronger PEMFs produce faster results.

PEMFs address the underlying causes of nerve damage and help alleviate overactive nerves associated with inflammation or irritation.

High-intensity PEMFs activate neurons through strong magnetic fields, disrupting abnormal neuronal activity patterns and releasing neurotransmitters with beneficial effects on brain function. Chronic pain often arises from abnormal neural networks sustaining neurogenic inflammation.

Many individuals experience sudden pain relief even after one session of low-intensity PEMFs, especially when the pain originates from reverberating neural networks due to past injuries.


Researchers have found that PEMF stimulation, even at low intensities, significantly enhanced nerve growth, while higher intensity signals accelerated nerve regeneration rates. Additionally, PEMFs have been observed to increase nerve growth factor levels following major injuries.

Nerves play a critical role in conducting electrical currents throughout the body, and PEMEs help alleviate neuropathic pain by addressing underlying causes and calming overactive nerves. High-intensity PEMFs disrupt abnormal neuronal activity patterns, release neurotransmitters, and aid recovery from chronic pain conditions.

Furthermore, many individuals experience pain relief even after a single session of PEMFS, particularly in cases where pain stems from past injuries and aberrant neural networks.


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