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PEMF & Inflammation

Inflammation is your body's way of defending against injury. It aims to get rid of whatever is causing the problem and start repairing the area. There are three stages of inflammation:

  1. Vasodilation, the dilation of your blood vessels (PEMF therapy helps)

  2. Increased vascular permeability, allows more blood into the injured tissues in a controlled manner (PEMF therapy improves)

  3. Gathering of white blood cells at the injury site

PEMF Supports Anti-Inflammatory Pathways

Chronic inflammation is like a swamp with little fluid movement. Edema (swelling) occurs when tissues in your body swell up because they have too much fluid with little movement. When this happens, those tissues don’t get enough oxygen, nutrients, or blood flow resulting in damaged cells.

Damaged cells don't work well because their electrical capabilities are reduced, affecting oxygen intake and sodium-potassium exchanges. PEMF therapy helps restore the normal electrical potential of cell membranes, making them function properly again.

PEMF therapy can help reduce swelling by improving how cells function, especially by helping the sodium-potassium pump in the cell membrane work better. Swelling happens when cells and blood vessels leak fluid. By improving circulation, PEMF therapy helps remove this extra fluid and stops more from building up. PEMF therapy can quickly reduce swelling when you start using it.

PEMF therapy can help reduce swelling by improving how cells function...

PEMF therapy helps the lymphatic system, your body’s drainage system, to remove swelling. It helps drain lymph fluid and reduces lymph edema (swelling caused by lymph fluid), boosting your immune system and correcting swelling.

Additionally, PEMF therapy can help reduce chronic inflammation by causing the death of certain inflammatory cells (T lymphocytes) through its actions on cell membranes and key enzymes. This way, PEMF therapy reduces chronic inflammation without affecting the acute inflammation needed for tissue repair.


PEMF therapy can effectively support the reduction of swelling and inflammation by improving cellular functions and circulation. It helps clear excess fluid from tissues, supports the lymphatic system, and boosts the immune system.

By enhancing blood flow and restoring normal electrical potentials in damaged cells, PEMF therapy promotes proper cell function. Additionally, it reduces chronic inflammation by targeting specific inflammatory cells, all while supporting the body's natural healing processes.


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