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PEMF & Cardiovascular Health

The heart is an electric powerhouse and can be affected by PEMFs. Magnetic fields can have a big impact on how the heart works, as well as the rest of the body.

These magnetic fields can easily move through our tissues without us even feeling them. Because the heart is so active electrically, it makes its own magnetic fields, which can affect how it functions.

When outside magnetic fields meet our body's own, it's like they join forces and can make our heart's magnetic fields even stronger. This can influence how our heart works and even how our blood vessels react.

PEMF & Heart Surgery

Using PEMFs before, during, and after heart surgery might help protect the heart from damage. Studies suggest that PEMFs can also help with other heart problems like high blood pressure and poor blood circulation.

PEMF therapy doesn't just affect the heart. It can also help calm down our nervous system, reduce stress hormones, and even improve how our blood vessels work. This can lead to better blood flow and less strain on the heart.

PEMFs seem to speed up healing too, especially after heart surgery or when there's been damage to heart tissue. They might also help prevent blood clots, which can cause heart problems.

But PEMF therapy isn't a magic fix for everyone. In some cases, it might not help with certain heart issues, or it could even make things worse. So, it's crucial to talk to one of our doctors to monitor its use, especially if you have heart problems.

PEMFs seem to speed up healing too, especially after heart surgery or when there's been damage to heart tissue.

PEMF Supports Circulation

Vasodilation means the widening of blood vessels. When the body doesn't produce enough nitric oxide, which can happen in certain health issues, it can affect how well blood flows through the body. In a healthy body, blood vessels make nitric oxide all the time.

Inside the blood vessels, there's a layer called the endothelium. It uses nitric oxide to tell the muscles around the blood vessels to relax, making the vessels wider. This makes more blood flow through, which quickly lowers both blood pressure and heart rate.

Boosting blood flow is seen as one of the vital ways PEMFs help the body heal. They do this by carrying nutrients, fixing molecules, kickstarting growth factors, pumping up oxygen levels, getting rid of waste, and lots of other important tasks.


In summary, PEMFs have a significant impact on the heart and cardiovascular system. These magnetic fields interact with the body's own electrical activity, potentially enhancing heart function and improving blood vessel health.

Using PEMFs before, during, and after heart surgery may protect the heart from damage, while also aiding in the treatment of conditions like high blood pressure and poor circulation. Additionally, PEMF therapy can calm the nervous system, reduce stress hormones, and promote better blood flow, contributing to overall heart health.

However, it's essential to approach PEMF therapy with a doctor's supervision, as it may not be effective or could even worsen certain heart conditions.


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