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What to Expect at an NET Session?

Embarking on a journey with NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) can be an exciting step toward achieving holistic well-being. Understanding what to expect during an NET session can help you feel more comfortable and prepared, allowing you to get the most out of your session. Here’s a detailed overview of what typically happens during an NET session and how it can benefit you.

Before Your Session

If it is your first time, please contact our office to set up your first appointment. The first appointment will include:

  • complimentary health scan for adults over the age of 18

  • 15 minute detailed history, exam and consult with a doctor to ensure you are eligible for the therapy

  • 15 minute treatment session

On the day of your appointment, our friendly staff will greet you with a smile and guide you through the check-in process efficiently.

During Your Session

Once the initial consultation is complete, the practitioner will move on to the assessment phase:

Muscle Testing: Using applied kinesiology, the practitioner will perform muscle testing (also known as manual muscle testing or MMT). This involves gently pressing on your arm or another muscle while you resist the pressure. Muscle testing helps identify stress responses in your body, which are linked to unresolved emotional issues.

Identifying NECs: The practitioner will ask you to think about different emotions, memories, or scenarios while performing muscle testing. A weakened muscle response indicates a Neuro Emotional Complex (NEC) or a “stuck” emotional response that needs to be addressed.

After identifying the NECs, the practitioner will proceed with the intervention phase:

Emotional Recall: You will be guided to recall the emotional event or memory associated with the NEC. This helps bring unconscious emotional content to conscious awareness.

Spinal Manipulation and/or Acupressure: The practitioner may use gentle spinal manipulation or acupressure techniques on specific points along your spine or other areas of the body. These techniques help release the trapped emotional energy, facilitating the body's natural healing process.

Focused Breathing: You may be asked to perform specific breathing exercises during the intervention to help release emotional stress and promote relaxation.

After Your Session

To ensure long-term benefits and reinforce the progress made during the session, the practitioner may:

Provide Homework: You might receive exercises or strategies to practice at home. These could include mindfulness techniques, journaling, or specific physical exercises.

Follow-Up Plan: The practitioner will discuss a follow-up plan, including future NET sessions or additional therapies that may complement your treatment.

What You Might Feel

During and after an NET session, you might experience various sensations and emotions:

Emotional Release: It’s common to feel a range of emotions as trapped emotional energy is released. Some people may feel a sense of relief, while others might experience temporary emotional discomfort.

Physical Sensations: You might notice changes in your physical symptoms, such as reduced pain or tension. Some people report feeling lighter or more relaxed after a session.

Increased Awareness: Many individuals gain insights into their emotional patterns and how these have impacted their physical health.

If you would like to book your first appointment with us please call 419-331-2040 or text 833-227-2742.






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