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Optimal Health in 2021

As 2020 ended and we opened the chapter of 2021 in our lives, we wanted to better understand the role of innate health in our lives. Innate health is a law of physiology that basically states that the Power (God) that made our bodies, heals our bodies. How does that happen? We were created with systems in place that run automatically without conscious effort. We were designed to rebuild, repair, regenerate, and recharge cells that keep our bodies going and to get rid of things (toxins, infections) that do not belong and can cause harm. Think of a time when you cut yourself with a knife. That cut heals only because of innate health. If your innate health is compromised, the cut can get infected and cellulitis can set in and then you can have complications that can be life threatening. Innate health heals that cut by first stopping the bleeding with clotting and then scabbing. Then it sends cells to clean up dirt and germs. And finally, it sends cells to lay down collagen and new tissue. It does all of this because of Innate Health. Innate Health requires several things in order for it to even work properly and these are:

An Optimal Functioning Nervous System

Proper Sleep

Great Nutrition

Proper Hydration

Exercise and Movement

The above is paramount if you want your body to function better than what it is. However, another vital component that is just as important, especially in this present moment, is love, gratitude, and community. If we are honest with ourselves, many of us have been stressed to the max and have not lived lives giving out love, gratitude, and helping our communities. These are just the things we need now to lower stress in our lives and the lives of others.

Stress is the number one inhibitor of Innate Health. One of the best ways to lower your stress is to reduce screen time from phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and TV. Instead of all the screen time, get out in nature and walk, play, exercise and relax.

A study in 2019 PROVES that being outdoors WILL improve your health:

Research led by the University of Exeter, published in Scientific Reports and funded by NIHR, found that people who spend at least 120 minutes in nature a week are significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological wellbeing than those who don't visit nature at all during an average week. However, no such benefits were found for people who visited natural settings such as town parks, woodlands, country parks and beaches for less than 120 minutes a week.

Let’s purpose in 2021 to take care of ourselves by getting regular Chiropractic adjustments to keep our nervous system at optimal performance.

Let’s make sure we prioritize sleep and get quality and quantity.

Let’s choose better food choices and feed our bodies the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. You are what you eat.

Let’s increase our hydration. Most Americans drink too little water. Drink at least ½ your body weight in ounce of water. If you weigh 150lbs. then drink at least 75oz. of water a day.

Let’s get outside and move more. Walk, ride a bike, go to a river and canoe or kayak, swim, or work in your garden.

Let’s love a lot, be grateful for all we have, and find a way to be a blessing to others.


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