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"Hormones get no respect. We think of them as the elusive chemicals that make us a bit moody, but these magical little molecules do so much more."

- Susannah Cahalan

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"To Control Your Hormones is to Control Your Life" - Dr. Barry Sears

Why are Hormones Important?

Hormones are important for regulating all body functions.


Female's hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are changing through out the month to prepare for ovulation.

With daily exposures higher than ever before to toxins, pollutants, and chemicals 

(pesticides & herbicides) our hormones are working in overtime to compensate.

What Signs may Show Hormonal Imbalance?

Some of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance are:

  • Unexplained weight gain/loss

  • Low energy

  • Cloudy head

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Acne

  • heavy, irregular, or painful periods

  • Irritability and anxiety

  • Very dry skin or rashes

  • Infertility

At Jones Chiropractic we focus on taking a natural approach to balancing these signs.

What Helps Balance Hormones?

At Jones Chiropractic we look at the body as a whole to focus on taking a natural approach to finding  balance within:

1. Chiropractic Adjustments

Alignment of the spine

2. Stress Management

Removal of negative thoughts

3. Essential Foods

Adding in natural foods 


4. Supplementation

Increasing Micro and Macro nutrients intake


"My husband and I have been married for 5 years and decided to try to start a family shortly after 3 years of marriage. We knew that nothing goes according to plan when trying to get pregnant, so after 6 months of trying I decided to talk to Dr. Jones about it. He recommended some supplements, and I started on them right away. After being on the supplements for 3 months, I found out I was pregnant. I am now 7 months pregnant and my husband and I cannot wait to meet our baby girl. So thanks to Dr. Jones we did not need any fertility tests or invasive interventions and we couldn't be any happier!"


~ Andria U.

Hormone Issues

"After my husband and I had been married for two years we finally decided it was time to start a family. We had figured it would take a few months of trying and then, just like most of our friend, we would be pregnant and on our way to being parents. This is not how it happened for us.

My birth control was stopped a year prior to us trying to conceive due to convictions my husband and I came to have. Once my birth control was stopped my cycles never returned to their normal pattern. In fact, they were almost non-existent. At the time this did not seem to be a problem as I was naive and we were not trying to have a baby. However, after 4-5 months of trying to have a baby without any cycles and no positive pregnancy tests we decided that we needed to get things checked out and see if everything was okay.

I went to see my OB doctor and he said everything looked okay. My options were to get lab work done, start back on birth control to regulate my cycles, or try a form of medication that would help me get pregnant. I decided to go ahead with the lab work but because I like a more natural method of medical treatment I thought I would try Dr. Jones' office and see if there was anything they offered in this department.

I was excited after the call to Dr. Jones' office. They said they do held hormonal problems and that they had helped many couples who were having trouble getting pregnant. At my first appointment with Dr. Brian he did some different tests and found I was lacking in key areas that aide in getting pregnant. He explained some things that could be the cause and gave me advice on what to eat to help everything get back to where it needed to be. I walked out with a few supplements and hope that perhaps I wasn't broken but just needed a little help to get back on track to where my body needed to be.

The next three months I had cycles and in September we found out we were expecting. We are so excited and can't wait to meet our baby in June. I am now 13 weeks into my pregnancy and feeling great. My OB doctor says everything is looking great and they are amazed that I didn't need to take prescription medication to get pregnant.

My husband and I just want others to know that Dr. Jones offers more than just chiropractic services. We were feeling so discouraged with the way things were going and his practice brought hope. I could even tell that the office staff was routing for me whenever I'd come in. If you are trying to conceive and facing difficulties this is truly something to consider. It was natural, easy to follow, and it worked!"


~ Courtney & Levi A.


"After getting married and graduating college, my husband and I began trying to conceive in hopes of starting our own family. I had recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and knew that it was possible that we would have difficulties. We did have trouble and sought the help of an infertility specialist, which proved to be a very emotional, physical, and costly journey. We were scheduled to undergo an inter-uterine insemination, when we sought the help of Dr. Brian. He was able to prescribe a few supplements for my unique hormonal needs, that did not carry the side effects (or the cost) of synthetic drugs. Not only did these supplements improve the way I felt physically, we became pregnant a month later! This was a blessing from God and we truly believe that Dr. Brian was placed in our lives at the perfect time. Our pregnancy had its ups and downs and a few weeks before our due-date my personal dream of an all-natural child birth was threaten when we learned that our baby was breeched. This time we immediately sought the help of Dr. Brian. In only a couple appointments our little boy turned completely around to the head down position, renewing our hopes for a natural birth. A few weeks later our dreams came true as we welcome a very healthy baby boy into the world with minimal medical intervention. Dr. Brian's chiropractic care has greatly improved my life and the life of my family in ways that I can never thank him enough. He has allowed us to find more natural and cost effective ways of managing our health and well-being; I cannot imagine how different my life would be without these treatments. He has also helped us achieve the dream of starting a family, a dream that not too long ago seemed out of reach."


~ Jenni M.


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